Frontier-0 follows a zany team of bounty hunters along the edge of space as they just try to make a dishonest living. That is, all while surviving the competition, space pirates, an anti-alien government & giant talking bugs!

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Astor Roy

A bounty hunter fallen from grace and second in command of the Uju Kanu. Astor has a dismissive attitude and seems to not care about anything, but he feels a strong loyalty to his crew. Despite his reputation, he’s actually really good at his job.

Captain Lily Baek

Captain of the Uju Kanu, which she stole from the HPA when she deserted them. Lily is as witty as she is charming, putting together our lovable band of misfits to start a new life as a bounty hunter. She insist on using her trusty sword instead of a gun, as she feels any idiot could use a gun.

Em’maliniu “Emma” Hi’rioni

A saboteur from planet Pomatomus wanted for her attacks on the HPA. She’s grown hard from her experiences, despite still being very young. She can be very impulsive, but also quite clever in a jam, not to mention kick some serious ass!


A tiger engineer from Planet Zoobia, where earth animals developed at an accelerated rate, evolving in centuries what would have taken millennia. Leon is the most collected of the group, but also the most irritated by their behavior, specially whenever anyone thinks of him as just an animal or pet.

Dr. Acro

A big, loud, antisocial giant bug, and doctor of the Uju Kanu. Acro dreamed of being more than just a man eating Mantidian and impregnating other species, and so engineered themselves a pair of mechanical arms to be able to perform medicine like in the human soap operas they grew up watching.


Kaiser Moray

The self-elected ruler of the bounty hunters, and having the biggest ship and gang among them, he CAN enforce it. Moray is driven by his greed and own sadistic pleasures, always looking for more. His ship is called The Dark Reef, and it’s so big it needs to be pulled by two smaller ships.


The most feared solo bounty hunter this side of the galaxy! Nobody knows what she looks like under her helmet since she wears It at all times. She’s known to be implacable, with a perfect record of always catching her prey. Her ship is called “The Calaca” (Spanish for The Skeleton or Death).

HPA Solider #7482

He’s an average human soldier, who like most humans raised in the core planet, has swallowed the propaganda of the HPA that all aliens are bad and a threat. He’s very passionate about his beliefs and signed up to serve in the HPA, only to be dealt a very bad hand by fate when he meets our heroes.


The youngest daughter of one of the most powerful magical races in the galaxy. She dreams of living a life of adventure, and asks to work for Moray to learn from the best, much to her disappoint and horror. She is the light in the dark, keeping a sweet and optimistic personality, and her power may be bigger than anyone expects.

Mr. Tickles

He was once a very popular children parties entertainment robot, until things went horribly wrong. He was gifted to Moray as payment for a job once, who retrofitted him into his personal killing machine. Don’t let his adorable demeanor fools you, if you get close enough for him to tickle you…it’s over.


The Uju Kanu

The Calaca

The Dark Reef

Comic: Frontier-0 Origins

Frontier-0 Origins is an anthology comic exploring the different pasts of the main characters, and the different corners of the rich universe. Each chapter is done by a different artist, with their own style, and with your help through Patreon, we hope to continue making it!

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Meet Luis

Luis has a B.A. in Film from Lynn University. His work includes the animated pilot for Frontier-0 and comics like Santa Fae, The Preserve & Heirs Of Dim Mak. A Venezuelan native, Luis looks to have more representation in his stories, not just for Latine people, but all kinds, so everyone can see themselves in stories of all genres.

Luis writes mainly in science fiction, horror & fantasy, not just in comics but in prose as well. Reach out for any questions about availability or rates, as well as podcast appearances, and let’s discuss what writing you need done. You can follow me for updates on Twitter or through my Newsletter.

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