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Frontier-0 Origins Chapter # 3 Is Finished! Check It Out Now!

We officially finished releasing the entirety of our 3rd chapter, exploring the origins of the villainous Kaiser Moray! You can read all of it right here on our website, or on our Tapas or Webtoons!

Frontier-0 Origins Chapter # 2 Is Out Now!

We have officially started to released one page of our comic every Friday here on our website and on Tapas (link below), with Chapter exploring the origins of our favorite fish girl saboteur, Emma! See how she became the badass we know, and meet the Coalition as the rise up against the evil HPA! Written…
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Frontier-0 Episode 2 Is Out!

Episode 2 is finally out! Please watch and enjoy the next installment of the Frontier-0 adventure! We get to meet the rest of the characters and the set the stage for the rest of the story, hope you all enjoy!

Frontier-0 Stickers Now Available on Redbubble!

You can now purchase our exclusive character stickers over at our Redbubble store! Check the link below and collect all 10 of them all!

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